Historic boat tours and bike tours in and around the Port of Copenhagen


University-educated diploma guides

Boat tours

A boat trip with your own history-trained guide through Copenhagen's fascinating harbour is perhaps the very best way to experience the city.

Out standard tour is about 2 hours and takes you from the charming new canal town at Slusen in the South and down through the harbour, featuring both historic buildings as well as the many new residentials and silos converted into exclusive homes. We enter several of the small, more unknown canals, where the large harbour tour boat and the harbour bus do not go. And we sail all the way into the city centre, with the Danish Parliament and old Copenhagen.

The boat is a brand new, comfortable, 27-foot Dutch canal boat with 11 passenger seats where everyone sits together. The boat has a separate, secluded toilet, refrigerator, sink, etc.

Standard tours

Max 11 passengers

DKK 1,650, 1st hour

DKK 1,400, subsequent hours

Including captain, a history-trained guide, excl. drinks, available onboard. Please see contact section.

-Possibility of pick-up and drop-off at 20 different locations in the harbour for minor surcharges.

-Catering package with sandwiches, 2 drinks + cake available at DKK 175 per person (Min. 6 people and 2 hours sailing)

-Departure from Slusen by Cafe Slusen.

Prices bicycle tours: See bicycle section.

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havneguiden sommer københavns havn
havneguiden københavns havn

Architecture on the harbour

Distinctive and historic buildings.

This tour is for people with a special interest in architecture and exciting buildings. The trip lasts approx. 2 hours, and has boarding and sales at Langebro, in front of the Danhostel high-rise, and will predominantly sail in the northern part of the harbor. We will show, tell and focus on some of Copenhagen's most modern, distinctive architecture, such as rebuilt industrial silos, Havneholmen's highly awarded waterfront, the iconic Black Diamond, the spectacular new Papirøen, and not least a handful of our most historic buildings, such as the Nyholms Mastrekranen, the Spanteloft building, Christiansborg and Christianshavns Kanal’s buildings, just to name a few.

havneguiden fregat peder skram københavns havn
havneguiden henrik gutte
havneguiden holmen kanoner københavn
havneguiden blox københavn
havneguiden operaen i københavn
havneguiden skuespilhuset i københavn
havneguiden henrik gutte guidede ture
havneguiden vandflyverhangaren københavn
havneguiden guided tour i københavns havn
havneguiden københavns havn
havneguiden holmen københavn
havneguiden guidede ture i købanhavns havn
havneguiden henrik gutte kaptajn
havneguiden sommer københavns havn
havneguiden i nyholm københavns havn
havneguiden i nyhavn københavn
havneguiden i sluseholmen
havneguiden guidede cykelture

Bike tours

The harbour area is full of sights. From the 300-year-old historic harbour, with memories of our many wars, to exclusive new canal residential areas along the harbour. We pass several of the new bicycle bridges crossing the harbour and the many cosy side canals. Converted car ferries and former industrial silos are now speculative home residents.

Standard tours:

2½-hour round tour -

DKK: 300 per person, excl. bike rent – max 12 people. Free drinking water.

4 hour exclusive tour -

DKK: 450 per person, excl. bike rent. Including lunch.

Max 10 passengers

The big half-day sightseeing of most important sights of Copenhagen, such as Amalienborg, the little Mermaid, and Nyhavn. The old navy area and historical war ships in the north part of the harbour. There are many impressive buildings and historical monuments around the harbour, many side canals with house boats and places worth seeing. Light lunch (sandwich) and a beer or water, to be consumed in charming surroundings next to the harbour. In summer when the weather is good, the harbour is full of bathers as the water in the harbour is very clean. The total duration is about 4 hours, and the distance is about 16 km/10 miles, in comfortable speed with several stops and sights.

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By appointment: henrik@gutte.dk

havneguiden guidede cykelture på christiania
havneguiden guidede cykelture lille langebro
havneguiden guidede cykelture
havneguiden guidede cykelture arkitektur på christiania
havneguiden henrik gutte koch profil

Henrik Gutte Koch

Henrik is the originator of the Harbour Guide, 67 years old and trained in the travel industry during his youth, later a dentist and hospital surgeon. Henrik lives in the harbour area and has for the last 4 years worked as an authorized harbour guide and storyteller, with his own canal boat and by bike. Henrik is also a licensed tourist guide from Roskilde University 2021.

havneguiden birgitte bruun profil

Birgitte Bruun

Birgitte Bruun is also an authorized tourist guide from the university and has a longsailing background. Birgitte offers all kinds of guided tours with great enthusiasm on foot, by bike, by bus or by Metro.

For bookings, contact:

+45 26 72 09 99